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imgHello, if you are not already building a huge online business then it is time to let you in on the best kept secret on the planet. Have you ever wondered if it was possible to replace your income with money generated from sales on mega sites like Ebay or Amazon? We're not talking about just selling your old toys and collectibles out of your garage here.

While the so called guru's were making a fortune selling useless courses on making money with auctions, the six figure income earners knew the real secret. They were listing thousands of products using arbitrage techniques. This basically consists of selling a product (on eBay or Amazon) for a higher price while buying the same product at a lower price at the same time from an online supplier like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock(Variations), Wayfair(Variations) etc. You simply keep the difference in price after any fees.

For example, people are listing Amazon products for sale on eBay at a higher price, and when the product sells, they dropship (buy and send direct) to the eBay customers by purchasing on Amazon and sending the item as a gift. You can do this from any number of online suppliers.

Our Price Tracker tracks over 36+ online retailers ALREADY!

Below is a sample list of the domains we support where you can source products from: (6/19/15) 6/19/15) 6/19/15)

We can support nearly any online source that has a website we can scrape data from. We have not found a source yet we can't make work. More sources are being added all the time. Request your favorite be added!

  • eBay and Amazon get 90% of the buyer traffic because they are simply the biggest and most well known.
  • People are too lazy to shop around.
  • People pay for convenience of buying from a familiar, system, place, store, location or vendor.
  • People are creatures of habit. If they have bought from eBay or Amazon they will continue buying from them.
  • Other suppliers' checkout can be overly complicated with too many options and some do not like it.
  • Some people do not have the time or care to shop around.
  • If the price seems fair and reasonable people buy on the spot.
  • People are prone to IMPULSE buying on certain types of items.
  • Time is money, so why waste hours shopping to save a few dollars
  • Auction thinking: eBay's focus is on auctions which make buyers think the prices are generally lower so they just assume they are getting a great price just buying on eBay.
  • Some just do not know any better or think to shop around.

I am sure you get the idea now. We can go on as to why this works but for now, just know that this drop-shipping technique works! and works GREAT! People are making $1000s of dollars a month already with very little effort.
Managing hundreds if not thousands of products can be a nightmare and very tedious. Mistakes can be extremely costly.
  • Suppliers prices increasing without you knowing it
    - RESULT: losses and issues
  • Shipping temporarily NOT FREE from supplier when you make your eBay sale.
    - RESULT: losses and issues
    - You will sell MORE when your eBay sale price drops below your cost. Which means more loses for you. The people that are shopping price will make sure you lose.
    - Customer service nightmare if you decide to cancel or tell white lies about product being damaged.
  • Out of stock at supplier when you make an eBay sale.
    - RESULT: losses and issues
  • Low Average Profit per Listing (APL)
    - If you are fairly new to eBay selling, you will find they will limit you to 50 products. You can still open as many as 9 eBay accounts under the same PayPal address but managing 9 accounts with 50 products is a nightmare!
    - Lots of wasted time clicking back and forth between eBay and supplier comparing.
    - Lots of wasted time not having all of your most important data in one easy to analyze place.
  • eBay Sellers risk account defects that will result in listing limits or worse terminate your account.
  • Amazon Sellers risk bad feedback, bad account health, account put under review, longer holding period of funds and termination of account.
  • Monitoring all your products in a spreadsheet like grid in one place and to be able to quickly scan, search and sort items by many criteria.
  • Monitor product sources from multiple online vendors such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, Bonanza, Meijer and more…
  • Monitor and Manage Unlimited eBay accounts under ONE login!
  • Quickly find problem products and eliminate products that change price and are no longer profitable to sell
  • Eliminating products whose price fluctuates too drastically risking being caught on a losing sale
  • Find and remove products that have dropped to out of stock or low quantity before you make an ebay sale and lose.
  • Find products that no longer offer FREE shipping that should be removed.
  • Manage everything on one page with pictures and quick access links to both eBay and Amazon
  • Watch for source product price drops so you can lower your prices for quick sales.
  • Much higher Average Profit per Listing (APL).
  • No more excuses and white lies to your eBay clients about how the package was damaged or out of stock as you will catch these issues before they become problems.
  • Huge time savings. Work less earn more.
  • and the list goes on…

What does it cost?

First, a better question is...

How much money can it save me?

Some of our current users, who we would consider professional retail arbitrage dropshippers, were spending between $2000 and $3000 PER MONTH on virtual assistants (imagine what they are profiting) to help them track changing source item prices, item quantity and also when source items would go out of stock. Our service has literally eliminated their need for such virtual assistants saving such clients thousands of dollars a month.

Before we made our service available to the public, we had private clients happily paying $200-$300 dollars a month for our price tracking service.

But charging such a membership price does not help the little guy who is just getting started in the dropshipping business or might not even have an income yet. So...

Now, for a limited time, we are opening up our services to the public for a one time setup fee, plus a monthly fee as low as only 10 cents per item per month !

Only Pay a $97 $50 Setup Fee!

Get One Month of Unlimited Item Tracking!

After your first month only pay 10-20 cents per item you are price tracking.

For example. $20 per month allows you to track 200 source prices for your eBay listings. (ONLY 10 cents per item!)

Tracking sources for Amazon listings costs 20 cents each, so $20 would let you track source prices for 100 Amazon listings.

This is really a steal of a price. I’m really not sure how much longer these prices will stay this low or when we will close to new members. Keep this in mind too; If you only catch ONE or TWO items going out of stock or a price dropping before you sell it, your price tracking membership has paid for itself.

If you are serious about creating a dropshipping income, becoming your own boss and working from home, this is a service you can’t do without. Just take a look at some of the UNSOLICITED Testimonials we have received below.


I am very excited about this tool. I have been so discouraged by selling an item and then going to Amazon and finding the price has been hiked up. This is going to be such a help. Thank you for creating it.

Barbara H, Richmond VA

Hi I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your programmer has done. I could not get both my us and uk records visible. It was either one or other. He has now fixed the issue bar one small little bug. He has done a great job with this software. Congratulations to you for getting this system done. A great tool for people living outside usa if they want to use local ebay amazon etc.

Mark R, Jackson MS

I have been drop-shipping for about 2 months and have sold about 30 things; but I was backing off because of the troubles I had with Amazon raising the prices or being OOS. I was certainly not making enough money to make it worthwhile. Now that you have provided this tool I am very grateful and hope that it might help in the future.

David S, Los Angeles CA

Thank you for taking care of this. Your system seems to be amazing so far.

Carrie W, Whitestone NY

Just want you to know - I LOVE THIS TOOL!! Thank you so much for putting it together and providing it for us amateurs. I am very grateful.

David A, Perry MI

First want to say, digging the site. You've been producing a good product. I have over 400 items listed and really need to be able to keep close eye on them price changes. I've been burned a few times with other trackers and yours seems to be the easiest to use. I was using a tracker that would use ebay's File Exchange. Worked great, but very unstable and was down most of the time. That's how I got burned on 7 items and had to delete my entire listings because of no way to track them. Your tracker has been running great on my end. Can't wait to see what else you have planned and make sure this works flawless.

Donald B, San Bernardino CA

Both your Amazon and eBay price tracking grids have been such a boon to my ability to grow my business... really appreciate the fact you have the skills, the insight and the creativity to fill a need in the marketplace.

Edward I, Huntsville AL

I started dropshipping in late Jan and was actually talking to my son about how I would go about hiring some programmers and try to do what you guys are doing. This was before I knew about you all. I was trying every different method to track these items and was going crazy. Then I saw a post on our facebook group that mentioned your site and checked you all out. I could not do this without you guys. Some of the people in my group went crazy and just listed 100s of items and when ebays new restrictions hit they were destroyed by all the canceled transactions they did from not tracking. Ive got to say you guys are great I havent had 1 canceled transaction since I started using you guys and have had maybe 4 sales that I lost $2 on.

Hilda W, Fort Lauderdale FL

I want you to know that I tried 2 other systems out before deciding on yours. You, by far, have the most accurate system out there. Thanks for developing this for all the people who dropship,, etc.

Shaun B, Maplewood MN

P.S. By the way I LOVE THIS PRICETRACKER and I have 7 folks signed up under me – I can't say enough about how awesome this tracker is! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Maria A, Livonia MI

Just wanted to let you know that this tool box is amazing my friend Tiffany and I are so happy with it. I have had 8 things that went out of stock since I bought it less than a week ago... I never would have known if it wasn't for the tool box. Thanks You so much for inventing it.



Does your service automatically adjust my listings on Amazon or Ebay? For example, does it adjust prices, quantity or deactivate listings?

Not yet but close! ...We provide a repricing file that adjust prices and quantity for out of stock items that you can upload to amazon or ebay but we do not update you listing just yet. You are guaranteed to run into problems eventually with fully automated systems that claim to do so. So we are taking it slow with implementing a fully automated system. There are just too many factors and variables to take into account when automatically adjusting listing prices. But with that said, we do have a powerful repricing tool that provides you with a semi-automatic solution. You can download a data file of new prices and adjusted listings that you can review and upload to Ebay using their File Exchange system. Our repricing tool has very powerful features that allow you to raise prices of items so they do not sell, change quantity, change your percent profits depending on the price of the item (so cheap items can net you 100% while expensive items can be set at 10% profit) and do all this and more based on your source domain. Simply put in your settings and repricing criteria, review new pricing changes, download the data file, review for correctness and upload to Ebay.

Does your software monitor prices and check for changes all day long?

NO! and anyone that claims such is telling you a lie or a half truth. Checking prices takes a lot of computer and server resources especially when scraping domains that do not provide an API. This is a very inefficient process. If another service claims such they monitor all day, you never know for sure if or when they last checked or updated prices. They keep this information hidden from you simply because they can not guarantee such continuous or even frequent price updates. With our software, you simply click "Update Prices" and it immediately updates all your source prices. You get instant price updates when you want them. You may have to wait a few minutes but your prices are up to the minute updated without a doubt when you are ready to work on processing any changes or adjustments that need to be made. We have found this the most efficient and effective way to be productive. When we make auto listing updates available, we'll do checking for price changes several times a day but you can always manually trigger one when wanted.

Does your software send me email alerts?

NO! It can be done but after a year of using our software and getting into a workflow, we have found it not necessary or even bothersome to deal with emails. Only new users ask this question thinking it is something they NEED. But the truth is, if you are serious about this business you will get into a routine. For example, you will check for price updates or out of stock in the morning and late afternoon or evening. Two or 3 times a day. Many of our users use outsourcers/VAs for checking and updating prices and listings. What we have found is that managing everything in one place in our Grid like Spreadsheet is more efficient than getting 10-100 emails a day that just bother you. It's also interesting that our long time users never ask for such alerts and more often ask for other new features be added. Alerts is not one of them and once you start using our software, you will realize why.

Does your software support options and variations such as size and color, etc?

For Overstock and Walmart YES!. Also in other unique cases.
But in the rest of the cases NO. We only officially support Walmart and Overstock variations. We can add for other domains if requested. In some cases where the options are only color options and the price is the same it may work but we do not guarantee such. Even if 20% or 50% of your listings are items with variations and options, if you determine our system does not pull the correct data, don't put a matching source URL into the item you have listed. You will not be charged for items without Source URLs matched to them. So if you have 100-200 listings that do not have variations, it is probably still worth it for you to track prices of non-variation listings with our system.

Do you support other Amazon domains other than DOT com for sourcing items as well as listing?

YES! Yes, all Amazon domains are supported for both listing and buying sources.

Do you support other Ebay domains other than DOT com for sourcing items as well as listing?

YES! Yes, all Ebay domains are supported for both listing and buying sources.

Will you ever close to new members?

YES! Our system does not support 1000s of users NOR do we have interest in supporting 1000s of users. We want to purposely limit our client base to make sure we can support our core group of users and make sure they are happy and making money. We will close to new users at one point, especially if we get a large influx rapidly. So do not risk getting shut out. Once you are in, you are IN. If you are serious about making money in dropshipping, this is one tool you can not be profitable without.

Do you pay Affiliate Commissions?

YES, we pay INSTANT commissions to affiliates that refer others to our services, but first you need to become a member yourself. If you were referred here by someone else, when you click Get Started Button, you may notice that a portion of your payment is split out and goes to your referrer IMMEDIATELY. This happens with every payment a member makes. Commissions are paid instantly to the affiliates paypal account.

What do I pay after my first month of unlimited price tracking ends?

$20 is the minimum monthly plan for both amazon and Ebay sellers after your first month of unlimited tracking ends. To track prices for Ebay item sources, the cost is 10 cents per month per source URL you are tracking. You pay a fee in increments of $20. So a payment of $20 would allow you to track 200 source product URLs for 200 ebay listings. If you catch just one out of stock item or one unprofitable item each month the service pays for itself.

To track prices for Amazon item sources, the price is 20 cents per Product Source URL per month you are tracking. So a minimum payment of $20 will allow you to track 100 sources for your Amazon listings.

You only pay for Sources you are tracking so if your Ebay account has 500 items and you only wish to track prices for 200 of those, you only pay $20.

Both Amazon and Ebay payment plans are in increments of $20. So you would pay $20,$40,$60 or some increment of such. There is no scheduling of automatic payments. If you wish to continue, you just make another payment through our payment interface. You can upgrade at anytime and when you do, you are given credit for any unused time so your upgrade payment is adjusted for a full new month minus any unused credit you have.

What if I have additional questions that are not answered here?

For pre sales questions, you can email dropshiptoolbox (at)

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